5 Tips for Hiding Your Outdoor Pasadena Air Conditioning Unit

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When it comes to hot summers, air conditioning units are essential for beating the heat. Unfortunately, air conditioning units do nothing for the exterior appearance of your home. In fact, they can look rather large and bulky while sitting in the middle of your garden. This article contains five creative tips for hiding your outdoor Pasadena air conditioning unit in unique and safe ways.

Use Landscaping

Pink and yellow gerber flowers on white backgroundOne the best ways to hide your air conditioning is through the use of nature. Different plants and flowers can be planted a safe distances from your air conditioning unit, yet still provide you with creative coverage.

Flowers are a great options because there are low maintenance options that will grow just enough to cover your bulky air conditioning unit. It is important to make sure that your flowers are planted a safe distance from your air conditioner to ensure the safety of your plants and your air conditioner.

Forget the Fitted Covering

no cover hvacWhile a fitted covering can seem like a great idea, it can actually cause damage to your air conditioning unit. Fitted clothes and vinyl covers impairs the air circulation.

Professional Pasadena air conditioning contractors suggest finding an alternative way to cover your air conditioning unit that won’t hinder it. Fitted coverings may look nice for a few days, but the damage they cause makes them not worth it. They will also become damaged themselves because of the outdoor environment.

Remember to Leave Space

septic_cleaningIf you are planting plants around your air conditioning unit it is important that you leave at least two to three feet of space between your plants and your air conditioning. While the plants themselves may not damage the air conditioning unit, the water from watering your plants can. Unlike rain, this water is pin pointed directly at your air conditioning unit and can seeping the core.

Leaving space around your air conditioning unit will also assist professional technicians when they are servings your unit. Space also allows for better air flow from your air conditioning unit.

Try a Bypass Building Above

Residential Cental Air Conditioning Units On Cement SlabTo work properly, an air conditioning unit should have at least five to six feet of space above them. As long as you build a bypass building that is open and well ventilated, your air conditioner will function properly and look stylish.

Be aware, if you use a closed off bypass building, your air conditioners efficiency will be lowered, and your air conditioner could potentially over-heat.

Make a Storage Unit

Depositphotos_11522721_xsBuilding a tall fence around your air conditioner will not only hide your air conditioning unit, it will provide you with extra storage space. Small items such as rakes, shovels and garden hoses can be stored safely next to your air conditioning unit.

This also provides you with a fence that you are free to decorate however you desire. The fence will be a great coverage for you air conditioning unit, and it will be an excellent feature in your garden.

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