Northern Anne Arundel Tune-Up ServicesJust like the car that you drive every day, your air conditioner requires a regular tune-up service to keep it running. Regular maintenance on your air conditioner will help keep it providing you with cool air. It will also reduce the amount of energy your system is using.

Brumwell’s Instant Heating and Air Conditioning specializes in providing residential clients and commercial clients with Northern Anne Arundel air conditioning tune-up services. Our air conditioner tune-up services will guarantee that your cooling system will function smoothly all summer long.

In the professional cooling industry, it is recommended that you have your air conditioner serviced at least two times a year. Our professionals would like to be your regular air conditioner tune-up contractor. Allowing one air conditioner contractor to become acquainted with your cooling system will make future tune-up services and repairs easier.

Keeping your air conditioner properly maintained will not only keep your air conditioner from faulting, it will also save you money. A recently tuned-up air conditioner will use less energy than a regular air conditioner, and it is less likely to malfunction in the future.

When the professionals at Brumwell’s Instant Heating and Air Conditioning begin your Northern Anne Arundel air conditioning tune-up service, they conduct a complete visual inspection of your unit. They check for any discrepancies in your system’s appearance that could be a safety hazard. Once everything is secure, our technicians will run your system for a few minutes and listen for any signs of malfunctions.

We will proceed to replace your filters and clean your air ducts. This not only allows for a better air flow throughout your house, it improves the quality of the air your family is breathing.

We will then inspect all electrical hook ups and wirings as a proper safety measure, which will help avoid an air conditioner related house fires. We will look at all the air ducts to make sure there are no leaks or holes, which can affect your amount of air flow.

When your Northern Anne Arundel air conditioning tune-up service is completed, our techs will return everything to its normal state, and we will leave you with a fully functional air conditioner unit that will run like new.

If we encounter any problems while providing your air conditioner with maintenance services, we will confront the homeowner before we proceed to fix the problem. All repairs must be approved by the homeowners before they are completed. Our Anne Arundel Heating and Air Conditioning believes in providing you with a superior tune-up service so you won’t have to worry about future air conditioner malfunctions.

All of our air conditioner tune-up services are done by professional technicians, who understand the importance of keeping your cooling system running smoothly. You can trust all of our services to be on time, accurately and professionally.

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