Keeping the Air in Your Northern Anne Arundel Home Free of Contaminants

Do you worry about the air that your family breathes in? Are you concerned about the quality of the air in your own home? It is crucial to assess your home’s air quality periodically to ensure that the air you and your family are breathing is free of contaminants.

Little girl blows her noseBrumwell’s Instant Heating and Air Conditioning offers Northern Anne Arundel indoor air quality services. This includes an assessment of your home’s or office’s ventilation and air intake sources. A ventilation system is an extremely important component that keeps your air fresh and free of harmful items such as:

  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Dust Mites
  • Animal Dander

Our Anne Arundel Heating and Air Conditioning company can analyze your air flow and help modify your system, if necessary. We can also check for possible air pollutants in your home and identify their sources. We have professional Northern Anne Arundel indoor air quality services that includes:

Air Cleaners

Male arm and hand replacing disposable air filter in residential air furnace.If any pollutants are found in your home, our Northern Anne Arundel air conditioner installations and repair experts can add air cleaners such as air filtration systems and air purification systems. This systems work directly with your current heating and cooling systems to filter the air that flows through them. These systems will reduce the amount of dirt, pollen and dust in your air. Read More

UV Lights

LightbulbUltraviolet light suppresses the growth of these organisms and increase the purity of your home’s air. Brumwell’s Instant Heating and Air Conditioning offers UV Light installations and repair services. UV lights are cost-efficient since they do not use large amounts of power to operate. Our professionals can install and repair any UV lights in your home to further purify the air you breathe. Read More


nothern anne arundel humidifer installationsOne of the best to improve the air quality of your home is through the installation of professional level humidifiers. Humidifiers allow you to control the level of humidity throughout your house. During the winter, the air can be dry and harsh. Dry air can be difficult to breathe and increase the amount of sore throats in your home. A humidifier makes the air more comfortable for you and your family. Read More

If you are looking for a Northern Anne Arundel Indoor Air Quality Company then please call 410-360-0002 or complete our online request form.

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