northern anne arundel ac installationsWhen you are ready to think about how you want to keep your Maryland home cool during the summer, you are going to have many different options for a professional cooling system. It can be overwhelming to try to find the perfect cooling system that will meet all of your cooling needs. A professional cooling contractor can help you find the exact unit and customize it for your home or business.

Brumwell’s Instant Heating and Air Conditioning specializes in air conditioning services including Northern Anne Arundel air conditioning installations. Our professionals know all the different types of cooling systems that are available, and we can recommend the perfect unit to meet all of your comfort needs.

Our Anne Arundel Heating and Air Conditioning company provides you with excellent air conditioning installation services that include assembling a custom cooling service throughout your entire house. We begin our installation service by identifying all of your cooling needs. We will then find the perfect air conditioner that meets all of these needs. From there, we can customize features such as control panels and air ducts to better fit your home.

Whether you want to cool your entire house, or just one room, our professionals have the skills to install all types of air conditioners. We can install window units and ductless air conditioners also.

Ductless Split System in Northern Anne Arundel

Are you looking to install an air conditioning unit in a room that doesn’t have windows to install a window unit through? Brumwell’s Instant Heating and Air Conditioning has a solution for this problem. Ductless split systems consist of two units – one installed indoors and one outdoors. These two systems are connected by small copper tubing and electrical wiring.

This system serves one room in your home, which allows you to control the temperatures of smaller spaces.

Reason Ductless Split Systems are Beneficial:

  • They are quiet.
  • They do not require air ducts.
  • They allow for individual zoning.
  • They are energy efficient.
  • They provide comfort all year long.


When it comes to installing an air conditioner, it is crucial that the process is done correctly the first time. If not, your air conditioner will never be fully functional. At Brumwell’s Instant Heating and Air Conditioning, we have technicians with the proper training and experience to successfully install your air conditioner the first time. We train all of employees to make every installation count. So you are sure to get top of the line service with all of our Northern Anne Arundel air conditioning installations.

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